The latest 3d laser scanning technology in surveying

Large measured surveys can be a daunting task; even for the most seasoned surveyor. To ensure all measurements and photographs are recorded accurately, often, days and even weeks of time on site are required to ensure the accuracy of the recorded information and so when considering the magnitude of information required to be recorded it isn’t surprising that mistakes can, and do, happen, especially on older properties or sites that are irregular in shape and size.

Point Cloud surveys are procured using cutting edge 3d laser scanning technology that allows you to virtually walk through any site via the internet. MGI carry out all their surveys using cloud point technology and therefore provide their clients with extremely accurate survey information. MGI’s point cloud surveys allow anyone with internet access, who is working on the project, to walk through the site and therefore can view the whole site in close detail from any location. This also prevents several people visiting the site in order to acquire the information they need. MGI create a central link to access the cloud point survey which then can be viewed by any contractor, client, supplier etc. to source information, without even visiting the site.

Not only is a Point Cloud survey helpful for locating services, fixtures and fittings, but just as with a traditional survey, measurements of walls, ceilings and floors can be taken from the computer screen using the software inbuilt ruler tool. This is a function that can have limited access and can only to be seen by certain users, at the client’s discretion.

Point Cloud survey’s advantages continue beyond a project’s completion stage. MGI’s Point Cloud surveys of completed jobs are perfect for clients when producing any snagging and dilapidation reports. Furthermore, with a completed Point Cloud survey, marketing your newly designed site on the world-wide-web has never been easier! The 3d walkthrough can be shared on a client’s website or embedded into Google Street-View, therefore allowing potential new customers to “visit” the site prior to committing to a booking or visit.

If limited site access is a problem or you have been generally unimpressed with the accuracy of traditional surveys that has later led to site error that have cost you time and money, perhaps it’s worth considering a Point Cloud Survey by MGI?