Functionality Foremost

Your newly fitted out bar does not necessarily need to adopt the latest design and trends in the hospitality industry, but it needs to be innovative in practicality and functionality foremost. A beautifully designed bar is redundant without carefully considered design when it comes to creating a space that maximises customer service and efficiency. This can be done by reducing customer waiting times and enhancing a flawless and smooth service when trading.

Anyone who has worked in a bar knows that being on your feet for hours on end can be exhausting and draining. Therefore, any unnecessary steps taken behind a bar is a loss in staff energy and a bar’s productivity. Those few extra steps to the ice machine for every drink can add up to thousands of wasted steps and consequently bar income, over the duration of a week. Workstations must be designed to peak efficiency by arranging systems behind the bar that allow the sleekest transition when serving a customer, to reduce any negative impacts in revenue and service.

Not only is it important to save staff’s energy levels and steps, it is important to consider their comfort. Things such as ice bins and speed rails should be placed at an appropriate height to avoid fatigue and back-pain. Bending over to get frequently used items can take its toll over time and this should be considered when designing a bar. Less visited areas of the bar should be kept at lower levels, such as storage, cleaning and rarely used glasses and products.

There are a lot of small non expensive solutions to bar design that can enhance a customer’s experience and staff’s service. The placement of a mirror on the back-bar does not just make the space look bigger and aesthetically work with feature lighting, but it can allow staff to see what is happening when they are facing away from patrons. Furthermore, adding the correct lighting can not only highlight products, but enables staff to see what they are doing and ensures there is nothing overlooked at the end-of-night clean down.

Displaying a client’s products correctly will contribute to the up sale of products as well as add to the appearance of a bar. Many breweries and alcohol companies are bringing out products that are designed to look as good as they taste! Products that are displayed in the correct environment and lighting can really enhance a bar’s appearance. It is the designer’s responsibility to know the client’s unique products to create display shelves and features that maximise its presence and therefore increase sales. Several companies are bringing out bottles that are no longer a standard size to stand out against its competition. Therefore, equally spaced back-bar shelving is no longer enough and adequate spaces should be designed to suit the client’s individual products.

MGI have years of experience in designing some of the country’s most successful bars and pubs. MGI thrive on working closely with their clients to realise their visions. We are passionate about delivering successful projects. Our passion for the industry through our design, paired with a client’s personal passion and vision, creates a functional, harmonious space. Within our designs every effort is made to make sure your business not only looks professional but functions with the same professionalism.