Challenges for Listed Pubs under the Equality Act

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Owning a pub is not without its challenges and this is especially true of those licensed premises in listed buildings. Because, while having marketable character, they are also tightly regulated when it comes to the upgrades needed to stay competitive and draw in customers. We’ve previously looked at how the legislation provided by the Equality […]

The latest 3d laser scanning technology in surveying

Large measured surveys can be a daunting task; even for the most seasoned surveyor. To ensure all measurements and photographs are recorded accurately, often, days and even weeks of time on site are required to ensure the accuracy of the recorded information and so when considering the magnitude of information required to be recorded it […]

How the Equality Act impacts pub refurbishments in listed buildings

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The Equality Act 2010 requires any pub undergoing refurbishment to cater for disabled access. With most pubs needing at least a partial refurbishment every 5–10 years or so to stay competitive, this means all pub owners require a thorough understanding of the legislation to avoid any potential legal issues in the near future. But given […]